How to care for your jewellery?

How to care for your jewellery

9ct Solid Gold

Solid gold is a precious metal that is a durable and resistant to tarnishing so you can wear it almost all the time. Clean your gold jewellery regularly in order to maintain its beauty and shine. A soft, lint free cloth or even better a gold polishing cloth is an effective way to keep gold jewellery looking its very best.


All of our jewellery is made with 925 sterling silver. Silver tarnishes over time so avoid contact with water, sweat, lotions and perfumes. However, the oils in your skin help to prevent silver from oxidising faster. So, wear your piece often and store it in a jewellery box. If your silver is tarnished the best way to clean it is with a jewellery polishing cloth.

Black Fill

The black fill finish option is a by-product of the polishing process that collects in the indents of the text stamps. It can wear away after time when exposed to the elements above. We suggest cleaning your jewellery regularly and lightly with a silver jeweller’s cloth.



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